American Roulette

American Roulette is one of the variants of the popular casino game Roulette, which is also available for gambling in online casinos. There are several reasons why roulette is so popular. Some players claim that this is because it is fairly easy to play, while as a gambler you can make countless bets. Are you thinking of trying your luck in this game? So check this guide that covers all important issues: what this form of roulette is, its rules, what wagers you can place with this type of roulette, and what the difference is between American Roulette and European Roulette.

Play American Roulette

American Roulette is a popular casino game that you can easily identify by its authentic gaming table. This table contains a large round cylinder with various colored sections with numbers, which is equipped with a ball while rotating. If the cylinder stops spinning, the ball in the cylinder will be placed on a certain area. This space is the winning slot and players who have placed a bet on this space will receive their bet plus a bonus in return.

Typically, for the online casino, there is always a possibility to give a game a try by choosing a no-deposit play. American Roulette has free plays too but please keep in mind that live roulette always requires depositing, so if you want to start with a free ride – pick an animated roulette. You will be able to check this game’s logic because the only difference between the live and animated roulette is in the presence of an alive dealer. Also, you can watch a live roulette without depositing by creating an account.

Play American Roulette for cash at online casinos

Game appearance

The game starts with an introduction. You see a ball rolling over the wheel. And that is exactly the essence of the game; the excitement about the final place of the ball. Will it fall into your winning field? Or do you get just next to the win? You can skip the intro and end up in the game right away. You’ll see both the spinning wheel and the table on which you put your chips.

Designers of American Roulette took a lot of care: the colors are bright and it looks sleek. You are to win or to lose.

Game explanations

The betting is very simple. At the bottom of the table, you see chips with various values. The minimum bet is 1 dollar. Each of the numbers on the chips shows the amount in dollars. You can bet several chips of the same value or other values. Are you going for as much tension or as much security as possible? Stress equals low odds, but high winnings. As much certainty as possible guarantees high odds of winning, but low amounts to win. This is gambling with a 1:1 chance. This is the case when gambling on red/black, even/even, 1-18 or 19-36.

What is the best way to play American roulette?

Before you start playing, you determine what your wager is. This is done by placing a certain number of chips on the boxes on the gaming table, where you may decide which bet you place exactly. When the cylinder rotates, you are not allowed to place any more bets on roulette iDeal.

Progression of the game after your bet

The game has now officially started. If the cylinder stops rotating, the ball will be placed on a specific compartment with a number. If you have placed a bet on this box, you will receive your wager and a bonus amount back from the bank. If you didn’t bet on this box, you will have to drop your bet and you will lose.

When placing a bet, you have several options. In the table below you can see the various bets you can place.

If you have bet on one box, you take more risk but your winnings are higher. If you have bet on all even numbers, you have less risk and thus less profit if you have won.

There are also variations in the game. For example, each roulette table has its limit on the small and large bets a player can place. So a player can set his bet, but this must be between the limits set on the roulette table where the player plays roulette.

This table contains a large round cylinder with various colored sections with numbers, which is equipped with a ball while rotating.

american roulette payout

Difference between the American and the European versions

In the American version, there are 38 numbered slots on the roulette wheel. On the European versions, there are only 37 slots.

Both wheels contain the numbers one to 36, as well as both variants have a single zero on the wheel. The additional slot in the American roulette wheel contains a double zero. Of course, this means that when playing American roulette, the player has one more chance to lose. This changes the calculation of the winning chances when a player starts playing American roulette.

Tips for Playing American Roulette

#1. Use strategies

Professional players often look for certain strategies to win more money or to retrieve lost money. Some players use complex mathematical calculations, while others use very simple strategies. Some people have a special ability to perform complex mathematical calculations without any help from computers. However, this is not necessary, because even simple strategies can change the odds of winning.

American roulette is often played through guessing and superstition. For example, they bet on numbers related to their children’s birthdays, etc. Other players will play it on certain days. For example, some consider Thursday to be their lucky day and only play on Thursdays. A disciplined player often relies on a proven system and is often more likely to win in the long run.

#2. Have fun and manage your money

Money management is one of the most important things in American roulette games. First of all, you have to realize that this is necessary in order not to get into money problems.

We wish you many chances to win, as well as a lot of fun during the roulette game!

#3 Pick a reliable online casino

An online casino that has a license to operate and is auditioned regularly is a safe place for your gamble.

We wish you many chances to win, as well as a lot of fun during the roulette game!

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