French Roulette Guide

French roulette has been the leader among casino games for years. The development of the French variant of the game influenced the creation of all other forms of it. Its simple rules and thrill that amuses a player attract newbies every single day. For them, as well as for experienced players we prepared this guide. It will tell you a bit of a history of this game and explain the main rules and principles of it. In addition, we will compare the French roulette with the American and European variants of the game to help you pick the best for you.

The main features of French roulette

French Roulette

French Roulette online has some features that make it different from other types of similar games. Among the main ones, players identify the following:

  • The gaming table is divided into 37 sectors;
  • Zero on a green color;
  • 10 types of main bets;
  • There is the possibility of verbal bets;
  • There are internal bets on several numbers;
  • En Prison and La Partage rules apply;
  • Low casino edge of 1.35%.

Many people are familiar with French roulette, but it is still necessary to review its rules in more detail. In particular, En Prison (equal odds) needs to be explained. En Prison is the situation when the ball gets in cell 0 and the bet goes to “prison”. Only the next scrolling will return it. When the ball is again in cell 0, the amount will be given to the player. If this does not happen, he will lose the betting amount.

La Partage rule in French roulette online is somewhat different. According to it, when the bid goes to “prison” the player has a choice – to take half of the staked amount or continue playing.

In the second option, he will be able to return the money, but if the next bet plays.

The main differences between French roulette and the other types of roulette

Many players would like to know how French roulette differs from European or American ones to choose a proper game. Several points should be mentioned. They are quite significant and can make a big difference. In short, the unique features of French roulette in comparison to European one can be summed up in the following conclusion:

  • All bets at zero are lost.
  • The maximum bet increase is 35.
  • The table has 37 sectors.
  • The casino edge is 2.7%.

Many players prefer to choose American Roulette that differs from the French variant too. The first is the division of the playing field into 38 sectors. It contains numbers from 1 to 36, plus two zeros (0 and 00). It is important to remember that in this type of roulette, the wager loses if it falls on the zero. As a result, the casino has a greater edge, which is 5.26%. Professional players know this, which is the reason why American roulette is less popular.

History of French roulette

French roulette has a long history. The name of the game says that it was invented in France. After all, the word roulette is of French origin and translates as “wheel”.

The inventor of this table game is considered to be a Frenchman Blaise Pascal. The game of chance gained popularity rapidly that led to traumatic social consequences.

As a result, King Louis XV banned it, but this did not stop fans of gambling. In 1806, Napoleon Bonaparte reversed the monarch’s decision, and the game became public again. But the boom period did not last long, Louis Philippe in 1837 again introduced a ban on the game. The French population was not deterred, and gamblers continued to play, but only with even more fervor.

Blaise Pascal is not the only creator of this game. There is information that the ancient Greeks enjoyed amusing themselves this way. As the basis on the table was the shield, which was balanced by the edge of the sword. The Chinese also attribute the invention of this form of entertainment to themselves.

Despite the many versions, we know one thing – the rules, which are in force up to this day, were formed in France.

The Chance to play free French roulette online

In many online casinos, French roulette is available online for free. Most players ignore this feature, and they are wrong in this decision. After all, the casino gives you the chance to get acquainted with the features of this gambling game. If you play French roulette for free, you can understand the basic principles of the game and see if this game suits you.

Best French Roulette Online Casino

We recommend Jackpot City casino to play French roulette for real money. On this website, you can play in Live French Roulette – this is a form of online gambling when a player is seeing the real table and a croupier.

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