Canada is preparing to legalize single-event sports betting

As Malta tests a system to control illegal betting, Canada prepares to legalize sports betting on a single game. The federal government is considering Bill C-218, the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act.

The Justice Minister filed a bill in the House of Commons on Nov. 25 that would make amendments to the Criminal Code (betting on specific sporting events). This is announced by the Canadian Gambling Association. In the case of approval of such an initiative by the House of Representatives and the Senate, betting on sporting events of the same type would be decriminalized.

In the meantime, Italian legal bookmakers have been granted the right to renew their licenses through the courts. The Senate refused them twice, referring to the stage of reforming the legal system.

Singles betting implies betting exclusively on one event.

Currently, this type of single-event sports betting is under a ban in Canada. Bettors are only allowed to bet on parlays, two or more events and only in a number of provinces at lottery dealers. The rest entails criminal liability. The draft was first introduced four years ago, but then did not receive support.

Now the initiators backed it up with statistics on the loss of local regulated providers. The gray sector operators, which the authorities do not control partially or fully, have created a $15 billion capital outflow to offshore services for single-event sports betting. The legal lottery has made only $500 million this year, according to

“Amending the Criminal Code to legalize single-event sports betting will provide the provinces with the tools they need to provide safe and legal opportunities for Canadians while providing an economic benefit to licensed gambling operators, communities and provincial governments,” the gaming association commented on the initiative.
In addition to the obvious increase in profitability for legal betting providers, the industry also foresees the creation of an additional 150 jobs.

In Gambling Association called the draft amendments a lifeline in the fight against the pandemic effects of the sports betting market. The bill supported the major U.S. sports leagues, in particular the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Soccer (MLS) and Major League Baseball (MLB).

In a joint appeal of the Canadian soccer leagues to the government, representatives want legislators to make betting on sports on individual events one of the priorities in reforming the gambling laws in 2021.

Recall that India is also actively working on changing the gambling legislation. The regulatory situation is complicated and mainly unlicensed providers are profiting. In this regards, the finance minister initiated a discussion on the legalization of sports betting as a way to bail out the market from unfair companies.

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