Live Roulette Canada

Live online roulette is one of the most popular and played online live games due to its easy accessibility. You should try it at least once. In a live online casino, you can play under the guidance of several charming live dealers, which brings an old-fashioned atmosphere and thrills more actively. This article is going to explain the mechanics of online live roulette Canada’s edition, give a short description of each variant of the game and offer some tips about bonuses and cold and warm numbers.

Best Live Casinos Roulette in Canada

Through various cameras that operate the live casinos roulette in Canada, you have a good view of both the live dealer and the table. You sit on top of all the action and experience the game in real-time. The ball is tracked with different cameras so you can watch the game from different angles.

If you are familiar with the basic rules of roulette you know that you first place a bet on a number or color, on red or black, and on even or odd numbers. Once all players at the specific table have placed a bet, the live dealer spins the wheel and throws in the ball. The number on which the ball landed is the winning number and depending on your bet, you win or lose.

Different real dealer roulette variants

In the Live option, you can choose to play with a dealer or without a dealer. Besides, there are tables with different table limits and if you like good quality, you can also choose from Live or Live roulette HD.

Live European roulette

The rules of the European type are easy to understand. If you have learned the basic rules of European roulette, you can play it anywhere. However, some players still don’t dare to venture into the multiplayer version of European roulette, while the rules of the game are just the same. The difference is that you can play with multiple players at the same time. What’s more, the text is in English on the gaming table, which is quite simple for most people. With French roulette, everything is on the table in French.

Another important difference between European and French versions of the game is the so-called neighboring game. In a European roulette wheel, you’ll see an extra betting circle, above the existing one. You can place bets on different combinations at the same time. This way you can spread your bet without thinking.

Live American roulette

This type of game has to deal with huge gaming tables. Of course, there are various variations of the game available, but in most cases, these are gaming tables that can seat up to ten players. American roulette doesn’t seem to be much different from other versions at first glance. For example, the board looks identical. A big difference, which is not directly noticeable, is the wheel.

In European or French roulette there is only one zero on the wheel. In American roulette, a second double-zero is added. The house (the casino) therefore has a higher advantage when playing American roulette. The advantage of the house in European roulette is 1/37, while in American roulette it is 1/19. This means that with a European table, the casino earns an average of 1 euro for every €37 in deposit, while an American table is more lucrative for the house with 1 euro for every €19 in a deposit. So, as a player, you’d better play French or European roulette. Another difference with American roulette is the numbers on the wheel: they are in a different order. Of course, this doesn’t affect your chances of winning, but remember that your lucky number is in a different place on the wheel.

Some online casinos have different rules for roulette games. So look for the rules first, it would be a shame to accidentally sit down at an American variant table. Make sure you have realistic expectations as well, so you can have fun playing and enjoy it more.

Game developers offering live roulette

To be honest, game developers started their activities focusing on video slots solely. But now we are a few steps further down the road and that means that the atmosphere from the land casino should also have an online equivalent. The producers that impress with live games are:

  • Evolution Gaming: without a doubt, Evolution Gaming is the king of live games. Isn’t that a bold statement? No, it is not. The fact that this company was voted live casino supplier of the year 9 years in a row says it all.
  • Extreme Live Gaming: developer Extreme Live Gaming may have some limited supply of live tables, but the quality of these games does make up for a lot. Pay special attention to how skilled the croupiers are.
  • NetEnt Live: the live casino software from NetEnt also deserves a lot of respect. Especially the HD elements of this software make a big impression.
  • eZugi: New players on the casino market, but their games are loved by gamblers.

Play live online roulette Canada with bonuses

One element that is always important when it comes to the choice to be made is the live roulette bonus. Many online casinos offer a more general bonus in the form of a welcome bonus. Generally, you can then use it to bet on roulette at a live roulette dealer. However, it is important to know what the game limits are. That will allow you to take advantage of the bonus instead of losing it because you are betting too high.

Every live casino and specific roulette website that pays out bonuses have bonus terms and conditions. Be sure to pay attention to this before you sign up to start playing roulette.

Cold and warm numbers can also be played on online live roulette in Canada

Cold and hot numbers are important when deciding if to bet on a number or with which amount. Hot numbers are not winning numbers but these are numbers that fall the most often. These are shown in red on your screen. Cold numbers are those numbers that don’t fall often. These are usually blue. Some players use cold numbers, others only bet on warm numbers.

Live Roulette in Canada: Conclusion

Live Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. What makes Live roulette so popular is that it contains an extra game element that classic online roulette does not have. The standard roulette game via a computer program involves playing against the computer and does not include real communication, whereas live roulette does. The live croupiers in the real casino are nice people with whom you can talk via a chat screen.

This gives a new dimension to the classic casino game as it gets closer to the experience in a land-based casino. The game with the live croupiers is not only roulette but also a chance to have a nice chat with a charming ladies or gentleman.


What is the best casino to play live roulette game?

“The best” is always subjective. The one thing we know is that the live casinos on our site are experienced by many players as very good.

Can you win real money with Live Game?

We can be very short about this, no. If you want to make money then live roulette is no good way to do it.

What is my chance of winning by playing live roulette?

The odds of a win in live roulette (based on the French version and not the American version) is 1/37 or 1/38 depending on your bets. You should keep in mind that the house edge for European and French roulette is 2.70% anyway. In American, this is almost twice as high as 5.26%.

Is playing in a live casino roulette Canada safe?

Yes, if the gambling site has a license and is auditioned regularly. The casino must present info about these at its site.


  1. Ezugi
  2. NetEnt
  3. Evolution Gaming


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