Play Online Roulette in Canada

Playing roulette online… now is an ordinary thing for thousands of people around the world. The experience is much similar to one in a land-based casino: the ball rolls and then the thrill builds up. Great fun to play in a safe gaming environment.

You can play all kinds of variations of roulette: European, Live, French, etc. online. To make this process safe, pleasant, and fun, we prepared a big guide to the world of online roulette in Canada. In this article we will discuss in big detail these topics:

  • What is the online roulette game?
  • How to play online roulette?
  • Varieties of roulette
  • Profit! Bets and payouts
  • Tips to become a better player
  • Frequently asked questions

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What is the online roulette game?

This is a well-known classical game that now is available online. The game is the same as in the casino and goes in two versions. Through an internet connection, you play via a webcam against a live dealer who places your bets on the table. This type of game is called the live game. Another form of online roulette available for players is the animated one that runs on the Random Number Generator. RNG automatically creates steam of numbers on the table. You don’t need a live dealer and can play on your own. Choose a number and color, place your chips, and spin!

In both cases, you only need an internet connection and a device. The online games are easy to play and you’ll feel like you’re really in the casino. It is possible to play it online on multiple devices. From iPad to laptop, from Samsung to Windows. Moreover, casinos have developed apps to be downloaded to ensure instant play. Everyone can have a real experience in the casino

Roulette game rules.

How to play online roulette?

This game is currently the most popular casino play and everyone has tried their luck. And with good reason!

Top 4 most popular online roulette games for beginners:

  1. European
  2. Mobile
  3. Low Stake
  4. Live

Top 4 most played online roulette games for (experienced) players:

  1. European
  2. Live
  3. French
  4. High Stake

Game Rules and How It Works

Very simple for experienced players and a little bit complicated for newbies. Let’s try to figure out all the rules. You click on the table on which you want to sit and then the game starts.

A wheel has 37 or 38 numbers. This depends on the game you play. You can then place bets. The payout is always in relation to what your ‘risk’ is. This is the distribution of payments:

Straight up: 35 to 1

Set to 1 number. If you bet on number 14 and this number falls, you win 35 times your bet.

Split: 17 to 1

Bet on two numbers. This results in a payout of 17 times your bet.

Street: 11 to 1

Bet on three numbers. This results in payouts of 11 times your bet.

Corner: 8 to 1

For a bet on four numbers, there is a payout of 8 times your bet.

Sixline: 5 to 1

If you like you can also gamble a block of 6 numbers, in which case you win 5 times your bet.

Boxes: 2x your bet

Play dozens (12 numbers) or colors. Dozens pay out your bet twice.

1-18 & 19-36: 1x your bet

Bet on the first 18 numbers, or the last 18 numbers. The payout is one to one.

Even & Odd: 1x your bet

Play on even or odd and win your bet once.

Black & Red: 1x your bet

Play for black or red. Then you’ll get 1 to 1.

Variants of online casino roulette games

Most people think there is only one form of this game. However, if you look at the best roulette casinos online, you will immediately be surprised at how many types of this game they offer. The main three forms are French, European, and American roulette. Add an Advanced one and these are the only four forms you need to know more about. The most common forms of Roulette are:

  • American
  • French
  • European
  • 10 Cent
  • Live
  • Low deposit
  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Mobile
  • 3d

We will shortly review the most popular of them.

French roulette

It is a form with 37 numbers from 0 to 36 on the roulette wheel. With this game form, you can place bets on a large number of unique series because additional bet combinations are displayed on the table. You can place bets on specific colors, series, and neighbors. The terms on the table are all in French. If you do not speak French, you should choose the European variant.

European roulette

This one is the online roulette form played by most players. You can play this roulette at almost any casino. The structure has been kept as simple as possible and contains all the standard bets you’re used to. You can bet on the numbers from 0 to 36, colors, rows, and columns.

American Roulette

If there’s a type you shouldn’t play, it’s American roulette. The roulette wheel of the American version has an extra number: 00. This extra number is green and gives the casino more advantages than the other forms. It’s better to play French or European roulette where you don’t have to deal with this extra number.

Advanced roulette

One of the most progressive forms of roulette is Advanced roulette. This format can be played at all online casinos where NetEnt software is used. With Advanced Roulette you can count on a lot more information than a classic roulette wheel. You will see information such as hot and cold numbers appearing over time. This information is of course very helpful to use when performing your strategy. Just like the other roulette forms, you can play Advanced roulette on your mobile and tablet.

More about Roulette rules

Before you can start playing roulette, we would like to tell you more about the rules of the game. The rules of online roulette are not difficult so you can learn this table game in a short time. The most important thing you need to know is what wagering combinations are and how much you need to bet at least to play these combinations.

If you know this, all you have to do is find out until what time you can bet. This is when the croupier puts the ball in the roulette wheel. The ball will then keep spinning until it falls into one of the 37 (or 38 in American roulette) slots. Have you placed a bet related to the number that subsequently fell? Then you can collect your winnings! The winnings will be paid out by the croupier and a new round will be started. That’s how easy it is to play roulette online.

Play Roulette Online: Bets and payouts

Yes! You have won and you want to get this rewarded. We understand that like no other. At Roulettezilla this works very simply. Within a few days, the money will be in your bank account. Overall for quick and stressless withdrawal of your funds, you need to keep in mind two things. First, each online casino declares its own rules and wagering requirements that need to be met before cashing out your prize. Second, be sure that you gamble at a reliable casino – the one that has a license and is auditioned regularly. Information about these procedures must be stated on the casino’s website.  

Canadian roulette casinos

Nowadays you don’t have to go to strange, obscure foreign websites anymore. Play online roulette safely

No entry fee

You don’t have to pay an entry fee to play a roulette game, just like you do at a land casino.

Possibility to try roulette for free

It is usually for online casinos to offer a free game to newbies. It is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with the atmosphere of the game and look at the roulette’s rules in practice.

Roulette Bonuses and promotions

Online casinos are happy to offer a welcome bonus as well as other types of promotions that bring more excitement to the game.

Exciting game

Online roulette is a popular game. It is a thrilling online game to play. Besides, it is a game with a lot of betting possibilities. Moreover, there is an enormous number of varieties.

Unbound in terms of time and location

Playing online roulette does not depend on a location or time. You can play 24/7 anywhere in the world. All you need is a working internet connection and a computer mobile or iPad.

Multiple roulette games

There are a lot of variations possible. Think of European, American, or French Roulette. It is great to try something different.

Bitcoin roulette

Do you wonder what is roulette with bitcoin? The name of it gives you a clue. You can make a deposit with bitcoin and make a withdrawal with the same currency. It’s just another way of payment to play roulette for real money.


Basic Online Roulette Strategy: Tips to become a better player

On this website, you can find many useful tips that will help you become a better player. These tips focus on providing you with a better game structure or teaching you a strategy that you can follow while playing roulette.

Our experts advise new players to always try out tips on a free wheel first. Not all tips are equally good or contribute to making you a better player. Because you can play as much roulette as you like on a free table, you can try out how new tips work.

Some of the most trusted and workable tips are:

  • Play with a bonus offered to you by a casino
  • Play for fun not for money
  • Try out strategies
  • Control your budget
  • Know when to stop

If you want to find a casino to play roulette yourself, we advise you to always look up the experiences of other players at this particular casino. Research how long it took players to collect their winnings. Can you use any of the payment methods and what does the casino’s game offer look like? You only want to play roulette in a casino that follows all the rules. Therefore, it’s better to choose a casino that can be trusted.

Frequently asked questions

✅ Is playing online roulette safe?

Yes, if your online casino has a license and is auditioned regularly.

✅ Is playing online roulette free?

Yes, you can play for free. This way you can learn the roulette game and test new methods and strategies. Want to see how it works? Find out here.

✅ Is online roulette legal in Canada?

This is a frequently asked question. And rightly so! It is legal for Canadian players to enjoy online roulette. Canada’s online casino providers must obtain a license to become legal.

✅ Do you pay taxes on play money and profits?

If you win in an online or land-based casino, you must know the rules that apply to these winnings. The Gaming Act tells you more about what to do when your casino winnings reach a certain point. Find out here if you need to pay gambling taxes with online roulette.

✅ Do you have an exclusive welcome bonus?

You start just like any other player at $0,- and play a reliable online game of chance with each player. That’s online roulette!

✅ What is the best strategy for playing roulette?

Everyone has their style of gameplay and ideas on what’s the right way to gamble. It’s all about feeling good about your strategy. Of course, your budget also plays an important role in this.

✅ How are different game variants paid out?

To get your winnings paid fast online, you need to go through some steps. Discover here the 3 steps to get your money quickly in your account.

RouletteZilla is an independent project created by roulette casino lovers. We analyze and review online casinos based on strict terms and conditions. We guarantee that all our reviews are professionally written, unbiased and independent because safe and reliable gambling is our main priority. On this website, you will find online casino guides, reviews, rules of the roulette game, and all the important information you need to gamble responsibly and safely.